How We Help


Many children – either because of who they are or what has happened to them – have emotional and behavioral difficulties. Crossroad is where they get help, healing, and hope.


Children who come to Crossroad learn to value themselves and others. Values provide the solid ground the children need as they learn, change, and become "valuable" adults.


The treatment model used by Crossroad for our Residental treatment programs is Children And Residential Experiences (CARE). CARE is a comprehensive program model for improving services for children in out-of-home care. The model enables child-caring agencies like Crossroad to organize and deliver quality care according to research-informed principles based on the child's best interest. The CARE program model reflects the following six practice principles:

  • Relationship-Based
  • Developmentally Focused
  • Family Involved
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Competence Centered
  • Ecologically Oriented


For decades, judges, educators, social service professionals, and parents have turned to Crossroad for help with troubled children. Crossroad has become the rock of certainty for its children and those who love and care about them. Crossroad offers an array of services that meets the needs of hurting children and families in Indiana – and beyond. Our programs and services include:


Review the Crossroad Notice of Privacy Practices regarding client medical information.