Measuring Results

Crossroad aggressively and systematically measures the results it achieves for young people, answering the question, “How do we really know that we made a difference – that we improved a child’s life?”

Measuring therapy results is a complex task that has baffled therapists and administrators everywhere for decades. Far too often, success was measured simply by the number of therapy sessions a child received. In other words, activity was measured – not results.

In 1997, Crossroad was one of the leaders in developing an outcomes measurement program through the state association, IARCA. Agencies in other states are also now using the IARCA outcomes measurement method. It is one of the largest outcomes measurement projects underway in the United States among agencies that provide services to children.

Measuring outcomes gives us the information to continually evaluate and improve our programs.  Our outcomes data also helps us identify areas for improvement. This continuing emphasis on quality ensures that young people who come to Crossroad get state-of-the-art, not run-of-the-mill, care.

Reports comparing Crossroad’s data to IARCA aggregate data are available upon request by clicking here.